Missing writing stories

Hi ya’ll!

I was thinking of making a new story this afternoon, but I can’t seem to figure out the right plot and genre I want for it. It’s weird since I really want to make one. I miss writing stories, for crying out loud! My work allows me to have a little time and space to write or do whatever I want, but comes March and I will be busy again which I think you guys will be mad at me if I leave the story hanging or unfinished. I’ve done that so many times and I can’t do it again to you.

So maybe I’ll drop by once in awhile and post something if ever I wrote one. Keep your fingers crossed, will ya? See ya all soon!


Published by

Kim | Half of My Heart

Kim is a programmer at day and a wannabe-writer and traveler whenever she has free time. On top of her bucket list are London, Egypt and New York. She dreams of quitting her job and just get lost and wander in places around the world working as a part-timer in various decent jobs.

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