Hello, alive and kickin!

Started: February 13, 2010
Completed: November 8, 2011

Mariel Concepcion. Female, 26, Quezon. Wedding Coordinator/Planner/Designer. Single for 3 years now. Muntik na sanang ikasal pero siya mismo ang umayaw. One of the best Wedding Shops in the Philippines. Top 26 Entrepreneurs of the Philippines under 30. Great girl. A figure of perfection — maganda, matalino, independent, mabait, successful. Isa nalang yung kulang: ang taong magpupuno ng kanyang puso at kaligayahan. Pero pano iyan? Ang puso niya’y sa kanya parin naiwan.


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Kim | Jaunt Diary

Kim is a programmer at day and a wannabe-writer and traveler whenever she has free time. She dreams of quitting her job and wander in places around the world working as a part-timer in various decent jobs.

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