Hello, alive and kickin!

Started: February 13, 2010
Completed: November 8, 2011

Mariel Concepcion. Female, 26, Quezon. Wedding Coordinator/Planner/Designer. Single for 3 years now. Muntik na sanang ikasal pero siya mismo ang umayaw. One of the best Wedding Shops in the Philippines. Top 26 Entrepreneurs of the Philippines under 30. Great girl. A figure of perfection — maganda, matalino, independent, mabait, successful. Isa nalang yung kulang: ang taong magpupuno ng kanyang puso at kaligayahan. Pero pano iyan? Ang puso niya’y sa kanya parin naiwan.


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Published by

Kim | Half of My Heart

Kim is a programmer at day and a wannabe-writer and traveler whenever she has free time. On top of her bucket list are London, Egypt and New York. She dreams of quitting her job and just get lost and wander in places around the world working as a part-timer in various decent jobs.

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